Congratulations, you are a saver!

You are saving £0.00 per month

You spend an average 100% less per month than similar users

Your household earns an average 100% less per year than similar users

If you are renting, consider putting your savings toward a deposit for your own property. Use our House Deposit Calculator to see how long your savings will take to build up!

If you are paying a mortgage, consider putting your savings toward overpaying your monthly payments. Use our Mortgage Overpayment Calculator to see how even a small overpayment per month can save you thousands in interest over the mortgage term!

If you have debts - you could always consolidate your debts into a lower term and pay less for either a longer period of time - or at a cheaper interest rate. Try our Debt Consolidation Calculator to check for yourself.

What could you do to save money?

Your budget will deduce whether you are a saver or are over budget. You should have a plan of action for either classification. Savers can look into where more money can be saved and the most efficient way to invest the money that will be stacking up. People who are overdrawn need to look into why they are overdrawn, either reduce spending, consolidate debts or look into further sources of income that may be available to them.


The 2012 - 2022 Budget proposals and other tax changes are summarised here and available at the blog.

The proposals could change before coming into force. The calculator and any associated information are intended to provide a loose overview and therefore include assumptions and estimates. It should not be used as a foundation for checking liability to tax or when deciding investment strategies.

Although we have tried very hard to provide accurate and current figures, there is no guarantee that this information is accurate as of the date it is received or that it will continue to be accurate. You should not act upon such information without first taking professional advice and going through your circumstances in detail.